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Top Cities For Real Estate Investment In India

India's real estate market has grown significantly and changed in recent years. As a result, it is a preferred location for investors. According to a survey by Rise Homes Holding, in the first nine months of 2023, the value of total residential property sales is already 7% higher than last year. On the other side, inventory worth about ₹3.48 crore sold across the top 7 cities. The report said that inventory worth about ₹3.26 crore was sold throughout 2022.

Infrastructure expansion, government initiatives, and aggressive launches contributed to the rise of the residential market in India in the first quarter of 2023. Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune were the top three cities in quarterly sales, with Bengaluru dominating.

The luxury segment, which includes flats priced above Rs 1.5 crore, accounts for 22% of total sales. This indicates increasing demand for larger residences with better amenities and infrastructure. India offers a wide range of attractive opportunities for real estate investment. Real estate prices in big cities have started rising after previously remaining stable. Let's check out the top cities for real estate investment in India.

While selecting cities, key factors include job opportunities and infrastructural development. Besides, Excellent connectivity with major roads or other areas, access to health care, and schools or college facilities. Safety and security, good governance, and socio-political stability are essential.

Where to invest or buy residential projects in real estate in India?

Where are the best real estate projects for investment in India? What are the best places to invest or buy a home in India? These are some of the most frequently requested queries. Where to invest and why to invest are both essential questions. To maximize the value of your real estate, you must know where to get help.

If you are considering investing in real estate in India, you should thoroughly research the market conditions before making any decisions. Some of the most prominent real estate investment locations in India and real estate cities with the highest ROI in India are as follows:

Best Ideal Cities for Real Estate Investment in India

Several ideal cities for real estate investment have the best infrastructure, excellent connectivity and Developed Cities.

Bangalore: The Silicon Valley of India

Bengaluru has joined the country's top 5 most expensive real estate markets. Moreover, this city is one of the best to invest in property in India, especially for commercial and residential properties. The demand for real estate investment in Bengaluru depends on its IT parks and manufacturing centres, creating large-scale employment opportunities.

Moreover, residential properties in Bengaluru have rapidly risen, especially since the pandemic. From a residential point of view, Bengaluru has been ranked as the second-best market among APAC cities to watch in 2023. Residential prices in Bengaluru are estimated to grow 5% year-on-year, the highest among the top three Indian markets monitored in the research.

Bengaluru's thriving IT industry is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, attracting many important global businesses and new start-ups. Besides, people migrate to this city for safety, quality health care, education, entertainment facilities and nightlife. Additionally, the industry provides employment opportunities to students across India, increasing the demand for apartments for sale in Bengaluru.

Residential properties in Bengaluru enable you to earn high rental income and capital appreciation. Investing in Bengaluru real estate is always satisfying as this place is increasing with its better connectivity and infrastructure development. Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Electronic City, Hebbal, Yelahanka, Nayandahalli, etc., are some of the top locations for investment in Bangalore.

Delhi-NCR Highlight Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka Expressway is fast becoming a popular real estate location in India's National Capital Region (NCR). This 27 km long eight-lane expressway, connecting Delhi's Dwarka to Haryana's Gurgaon, has piqued the interest of home buyers, investors and developers alike. For several reasons, Dwarka Expressway has become the best city in India for real estate investment.

Firstly, the Dwarka Expressway is an excellent link. The expressway connects two crucial corporate and commercial areas in NCR, Delhi and Gurgaon. Professionals in these industries prefer it as it connects Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) to the central business districts of Gurgaon. The expressway is well connected to the Delhi Metro network, with routes to several proposed metro stations, increasing its accessibility and convenience.

Second, with the construction of contemporary residential and commercial complexes, the expressway is witnessing significant infrastructure development as a development corridor.

Thirdly, Dwarka Expressway offers a luxurious lifestyle. The well-planned area has wide roads, contemporary amenities and abundant green space, making life simple and comfortable. The expressway is seeing significant infrastructure development as a development corridor. Besides, the construction of luxury high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments and commercial projects. Hence, increases the demand for residential properties in Dwarka Expressway.

Finally, the Dwarka Expressway provides a beautiful lifestyle. The well-planned neighbourhood includes broad roads, modern services, and plenty of green space, making life easier and more comfortable.

As a result of its excellent connections, real estate appreciation potential, high-quality lifestyle and variety of investment possibilities, Dwarka Expressway is fast becoming a preferred real estate location.

Chennai: The Cultural and Industrial Hub

Chennai is one of India's best places to invest in real estate. Excellent connectivity, infrastructure, commercial and industrial development. Furthermore, quality education, healthcare and proximity to recreational facilities have been some primary reasons for Chennai's attraction.

Flextronics, FLSmidth, Saint-Gobain, Michelin, Renault, and Nissan are among the prominent players in Chennai. Due to the rise in students and job seekers, there is an increasing need for residential properties in the city. It now provides a diverse choice of investment properties. Several developments are being developed to meet the demands of people looking to invest in real estate in Chennai. It is one of India's fastest-rising real estate cities. Furthermore, real estate investment in Chennai might be a fantastic option for property buyers. Prices for independent low-rise floors, luxury flats, and high-rise apartments are steadily growing.

IT companies have played an essential role in opening up employment opportunities due to people from different parts of India migrating to Chennai. OMR also keeps properties at affordable rates by reducing the average property size. Development of roads, malls and other infrastructure in OMR. It is one of the best cities in India for buying property.

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) has been an ideal location for real estate investment due to the development of its economic and commercial projects. IT businesses have played a significant role in creating job opportunities, making individuals across India move to Chennai. OMR also keeps property prices down by decreasing the average property size. Road, mall, and other infrastructure development in OMR. It makes this city one of India's most significant cities to invest in real estate.

In 2023, the Chennai real estate market is predicted to expand. The city has traditionally been a popular place for real estate investors, and current trends indicate this tendency will continue.

Hyderabad: The Emerging Tech Hub

Hyderabad is already one of the most popular places to invest in real estate, especially residential ones. The city has excellent infrastructure and a reasonable cost of living. The growth of the IT sector has increased the demand for commercial spaces in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is known for providing the best quality living conditions, which is why it is considered one of the best places to invest in real estate in India. Furthermore, a vast highway system, including NH44, NH765, etc., provides excellent access to the city.

The real estate market of Hyderabad has been growing significantly in recent years due to the increasing demand for housing by people moving there for jobs or studies. The need for real estate in the city has increased due to the development of hubs of IT and technology sectors like Hitech City, Gachibowli and Banjara Hills.

The state government has passed digital, transparent, user-friendly rules using the latest infrastructure and technology. With the focus on infrastructure development by the Telangana government, the city offers excellent opportunities for real estate investment.

Hyderabad offers diverse real estate investment options like residential, commercial, etc., further attracting investors. As 3 BHK apartments dominate the market in terms of supply and demand, buyers opt for larger homes. 90% of the city's residents who have recently purchased real estate demand 2- and 3-BHK apartments.

Mumbai: The Financial Capital

Mumbai, India's financial hub and one of Asia's most populous cities, is a real estate hotspot. Over the past few years, Mumbai has been recognized as one of the main hubs for real estate investment. Despite high property prices, it is one of the best cities in India to invest in real estate. The main reason is that it is the financial capital with India's most substantial economic growth.

Furthermore, Mumbai has 22 million citizens and welcomes tourists from all over the world. With an emphasis on design, prime location and returns on investment, Mumbai's real estate market offers several investment projects, whether residential or commercial. Mumbai and its surrounding areas offer many opportunities to give the best returns on real estate investment.

From seafront apartments to luxury apartments, Mumbai has everything for investors. Due to the continuous population growth of the city, the demand for residential projects in Mumbai is increasing every year. Also, this real estate trend is likely to continue in the future.

Employment has a significant impact on residential real estate in Mumbai. Factors like multiple metro links, the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link, etc., have attracted investments in Mumbai. Builders and developers also attract buyers to invest as they offer great discounts on properties. All these factors make Mumbai one of India's fastest-growing real estate cities.

Pune: The Oxford of the East

Pune, the second largest city of Maharashtra, is famous as the state's cultural centre. Furthermore, the city is one of India's best places to invest in property in 2024. As a thriving metropolis, it is fast becoming a top destination for real estate investment.

Pune is the second-largest IT hub in India. The presence of educational institutions and manufacturing units has increased the demand for residential properties and commercial spaces. Areas like Hinjewadi, Kharadi and Baner are popular among investors. One becomes even more attracted to the city due to the excellent transit, which allows seamless access to any part of the city in almost no time.

The government of Maharashtra's initiative to reduce the stamp duty imposed on property is the primary factor contributing to the rapid growth of the real estate market in Pune. Additionally, the real estate market in Pune offers a rare opportunity to invest in commercial and residential buildings.

Property values have increased over the last ten years, providing significant investment returns for all buyers. Heading to Pune, which has been ranked as the happiest and most liveable city in the country. Its pleasant climate and lush green surroundings can provide tremendous health benefits.

Technology integration through virtual home tours, video conferencing with potential customers and targeted digital campaigns are some of the other technology factors that have contributed to the increase in demand for residential projects in Pune. All these reasons make Pune the best city for real estate investment in India.


As the Indian real estate market continues to grow, investors have many options. The best strategy to invest in real estate in India is to choose the correct city by researching and understanding the market trends. Be it the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, the tech hub of Bengaluru, or the Delhi-NCR highlight Dwarka Expressway. Each city offers unique opportunities for investors.

However, the real estate company you choose will have a significant impact. As a result, you should choose the best real estate consultant company in India, like Rise Homes Holding, which has a successful track record and good reputation. It knows the rates in the market and will keep you informed. This is sure to help you pay less.

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