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Fastest Growing Areas in Gurgaon Residential Properties

In recent years, Gurgaon, known as the Millennium City, has emerged as one of India's finest real estate markets. As a part of the Delhi (NCR) region, the city has become a hotspot for the development of residential properties. Due to its rapid urbanization, it is increasing job opportunities and modern infrastructure. As the demand for residential properties is rising, developers are offering in various areas to meet the needs of home buyers.

Gurgaon has many residential hubs with a variety of budget inventory options. Connectivity and modern infrastructure are critical factors in residential property development. Furthermore, the residential areas in Gurgaon have been going through price appreciation and rental income in the last few years.

The best property consultant, Rise Infraventures Limited, keeps a close eye on market trends to identify the fastest-growing areas for residential projects. Thus, this blog will provide complete information on which areas of Gurgaon have seen extraordinary growth in residential properties.

1. Sohna Road:

Sohna Road is one of the fastest developing areas in Gurgaon. There has been adequate infrastructural development in the area. This makes it the best option for investing in residential properties. The widening of Sohna Road and its proximity to several commercial projects, educational institutions and healthcare facilities have contributed to its growth in the area. Moreover, many developing localities exist for residential properties like Sectors 49, 70 and 71.

Furthermore, the new expressway will span 1,300 km and provide seamless connectivity between Delhi and Mumbai. This will increase investors' interest in the Sohna area. Additionally, the launch of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is going to have a significant impact on property prices in Sohna and New Gurugram. Sohna Road is well-connected to major destinations in Gurgaon and provides easy access to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) and National Highway 48.

Overall, the residential real estate market in Sohna, Gurugram, is experiencing exciting new trends. It caters to the changing needs and preferences of home buyers. Developers are creating the best residential projects that meet the diverse needs of the market, with a focus on luxury independent floors, high-rise apartments, sustainability and spacious homes.

2. Dwarka Expressway:

Dwarka Expressway is one of the prominent locations for residential development. It has emerged as a hotspot for real estate development in Gurgaon. Dwarka Expressway has a strategic location that has significantly contributed to its growth as a residential real estate destination. This expressway is conveniently located near Indira Gandhi International Airport, Gurgaon, and Delhi. Moreover, it is well-connected to major roads of Delhi NCR region. The Dwarka Expressway locality has attracted developers and home buyers, increasing residential projects along the expressway.

Dwarka Expressway is characterized by a mix of residential options, ranging from low-rise independent floors to high-rise luxury apartments. Besides, the infrastructure development along this corridor, includes the upcoming metro line and commercial establishments. Hence, the demand for luxury residential properties on Dwarka Expressway is increasing.

3. New Gurgaon:

New Gurgaon, also known as Golf Course Extension Road, is another rapidly developing city area. It is located in Sectors 92 and 93 between Gurugram and Manesar in Haryana. New Gurgaon has recently emerged as a residential real estate hub for home buyers looking for their dream home. Sectors 92 and 93 offer excellent connectivity with the rest of the Delhi NCR region. The area witnesses vigorous real estate activity due to its proximity to established commercial centres and better connectivity.

When it comes to social infrastructure, modern destinations like schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, butterfly gardens, open-air cafes and restaurants are already developing in the area. The area is witnessing integrated township development, offering a modern living experience. The focus on green spaces, modern amenities and well-planned infrastructure has increased demand for residential properties in New Gurgaon.

4.Golf Course Extension Road:

Golf Course Extension Road is one of the Millennial City's fastest-growing areas in Gurgaon. The road runs from Golf Course Road to Gurgaon Sohna Road, passing through sectors 61, 62, 65, 66, and 67 and sectors 55, 56, 57, 49, and 50.

Golf Course Extension Road has seen significant infrastructure development in recent years, including improved connectivity, road expansion, and the development of social amenities such as hospitals, schools, and shopping complexes.

Golf Course Extension Road has been a hotspot for high-rise and luxury residential projects. Developers have focused on creating high-rise and luxury properties to cater to the demand from homebuyers.

Gurgaon is known as a prominent corporate and IT hub. Proximity to business districts and corporate offices has driven the demand for residential properties in areas like Golf Course Extension Road as professionals seek convenient housing options.

Easy connectivity to major roads and proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport contribute to the attractiveness of Golf Course Extension Road as a residential destination. The opening of the Dwarka Expressway will also increase for residential properties. Besides, Rapid Metro Phase II runs through Golf Course Extension, improving connectivity in the area.

Moreover, Several large townships has located along Golf Course Extension Road. There are many ready-to-move residential properties developed around the road. Despite the pandemic, investment in residential properties on Golf Course Extension has yielded decent returns, with prices increasing by nearly 8% in the last few years." Hence, the demand for residential properties on Golf Course Extension Road is rising.

5. Sectors 83 and 84

These areas have gained prominence in Gurgaon due to their strategic location and well-planned development. Development of commercial and retail spaces along with easy access to Dwarka Expressway. This has made these areas the best option for residential property investment.

Infrastructure development in these areas includes wide roads, natural parks, and proximity to social infrastructure, increasing the demand for residential properties in Gurgaon. The availability of high-rise apartment options and the presence of famous developers have further boosted the growth of the residential real estate market in sectors 83 and 84.

6.Sector 88A, Gurgaon:

One of the most promising areas on the Northern Peripheral Expressway (NPR) of Gurgaon is Sector 88A. With well-planned roadways and modern infrastructure, the area is witnessing a steady rise in residential properties. Furthermore, many commercial and industrial centres are located in Gurgaon. This has benefited the connectivity of Sector 88A, which is supported by local buses, shared vehicles, and taxis. The proposed metro corridor in Gurgaon will contribute to further enhancing connectivity. IGI Airport, which is near the city limits, is the nearest. Sector 88A is in proximity to many reputed schools, colleges and universities. This is increasing the demand for residential properties on the Northern Peripheral Expressway.

DLF City Phase 4 and 5, Gurgaon:

DLF City Phase 4 is one of Gurgaon's premier housing developments in Gurgaon. It is one of the developing areas of Gurgaon and the best for residential investments. It is well-connected to other city areas via the Delhi Metro and the Rapid Metro. The most prevalent buildings here are high-rise residential properties with luxurious 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments. The prices of housing projects have increased by more than 10% in recent years.

Significant factors driving demand for housing in DLF City Phase 5 include its proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport (15 km), Golf Course Road, a prominent commercial district, DLF Cyber Hub and Huda City Centre Metro Station. The employment centres around Golf Course Road and Southern Peripheral Road drive up the rental market in this area.

Factors Driving Growth of Residential Properties in Gurgaon:

1.Infrastructure Development:

The extensive infrastructure development in Gurgaon has played a pivotal role in attracting residential property investments. The improvement of roads and metro connectivity and the development of social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centres have significantly contributed to the growth of residential sectors.

2.Corporate Presence:

Gurgaon's status as a corporate hub with many multinational companies and business parks has led to an influx of professionals seeking homes in the city. Proximity to workplaces is a key factor driving the demand for residential properties, especially in sectors close to major commercial hubs.

3. Connectivity:

The city's connectivity to Delhi and other NCR regions is a significant draw for homebuyers. Sectors with easy access to highways, expressways, and metro lines are witnessing increased demand as residents value seamless connectivity for daily commuting and leisure travel.

4. Planned Development:

Sectors that have undergone planned development, focusing on green spaces, recreational facilities, and a mix of housing options, are experiencing heightened interest. Homebuyers are increasingly looking for well-organized and aesthetically pleasing neighbourhoods that offer a high quality of life.


Gurgaon's residential real estate landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by infrastructure development, corporate presence, connectivity, planned development and affordability. These areas are the fastest growing areas in Gurgaon for residential properties mentioned above.

These areas are constantly growing and attracting businesses and residents. Due to this, the demand for residential properties remains dynamic. Get the help of the best property advisor in Gurgaon to make an informed decision to invest in this fast-growing and evolving real estate market. Hence, Rise Infraventures Limited

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